Corporate Information

Iron Curtain Tours OÜ

Iron Curtain Tours OÜ is a private limited company incorporated in Estonia under the number 14542957.
It is represented in Estonia by Expat Legal OÜ, registry 14385162.
Legal address is 4 Vana-Veerenni, 10135 Tallinn, Estonia
Iron Curtain Tours OÜ operates under the Economic Activity Notice TRE000934.

Leisure travel is regulated by Directive (EU) 2015/2302 of the European Parliament and The Council from 25 November 2015, and the Republic of Estonia Tourism Act as ammended on 29 January 2018.
Iron Curtain Tours OÜ sells packages and other tourism/travel services under the scope of the Tourism Act, article §6, points 1), 4) and 6).

Iron Curtain Tours OÜ also operates on the business travel segment.

At Iron Curtain Tours we try to give you the best price possible. Our packages are developed by ourselves. By not acquiring premade packages from other agencies, we manage to reduce the costs associated to every service.
Choosing not to squeeze our partners on the ground, the solution found to keep our prices affordable was to cut on non-operational expenses. The choice of our administrative and banking partners reflects that policy.
Although it is not always possible to verify, we value our partners to be socially responsible. Preferring small and middle size operators allows, on one hand, a more personalized relation and, on the other hand, to share the desired social values and respect for those who will be working for your vacation to go as pleasant as possible.
Social responsibility extends to the customer as well, trying to provide accessible prices for everybody to enjoy the pleasures of travel.
For your comfort and safety all payments are, by default, conducted by PayPal. By delegating payments an a renowned payment service you have the guarantee that your banking information and privacy are in good hands.
Our invoices will always reflect the final price and there will not be extra payments to be made for the service agreed.
Over-payments, if any strange thing should happen, and/or reimbursements will be promptly handled.
Reservation of tours is confirmed upon payment of 50% of the total value. Notwithstanding, full payment must be completed 15 days before the beginning of the tour (unless otherwise clearly stated).
Iron Curtain Tours OÜ leisure packages do not include flights. The legal framework for tour operators would force us to have a significantly bigger traveler guarantee, which would make it too expensive for a small starting agency like ours to re-sell flights.
We could find excuses not to sell them or present absurdly high prices to prevent you from asking us for flights. We rather be honest with our customers and say things as they are.
As a customer you are always allows to change your main about bying a service from us and ask for your reserve to be canceled. Nonetheless, and in order to perform the service agree, we must engage with some of our partners in a timely fashion, take the example of show tickets. Those engagements, added of a 50€ dossier handling fee, constitute a non-refundable part of the price. The right of usage for those services will still be transferred to you upon cancellation of the package.
Cancellation fee is time linked with the arranged date for the beginning of service and it corresponds to: up to 31 days before, 0%; up to 15 days before, 30%; up to 7 days before 50%. No cancellation is possible later than 7 days before the service.
Taking into account the above your cancellation fee will the the biggest of: non-refundable services plus 50€ dossier fee, or the percentage stated in the second paragraph.
IBAN EE41 2200 2210 7026 3106
IBAN with SwedBank AS, Estonia
*Unless otherwise arranged, payments made by customers shall be processed through PayPal. Any payments made directly to this bank account may eventually be overlooked and payment deadlines considered not to be met.
Accordingly to the requirements of Directive (EU) 2015/2302 and to Estonian Tourism Act a guarantee is provided by SwedBank AS, Liivalaia 8, Tallinn 15040, Estonia, with registry code 10060701.
The guarantee is activated by the Estonian Consumer Protection Board. The Estonian Consumer Protection Board can be reached here:
Contentes used in this site have been harvest on free databases, payed services or from our partners. The textual description for our destinations are copied or adapted from our partners. Those include contents from BelarusFeed, 34Travel, MinskNotDead, as well our business partners.
The choice could be made to produce our own contents, either internally or by outsourcing. But guess where the costs of doing so would end up? On your invoice.
We, therefor, chose to use our network of partners with whom we share the interest of promoting the destinations we serve.