The lungs of Europe

What you can find is a mixture of architecture from the Middle Ages and the recent high-tech infrastructure with sites still standing created during the Stalin Empire, as well as the mixture of East and West. Many claim to smell gunpowder in the back streets of forts and hear piano sounds from the halls of the palaces and park ensembles.

Learn about the secret life of the inhabitants of wildwoods and feel the slight breath of birch groves. Belarus is a paradise for photographers, where instead of the sea there are thousands of lakes. Enrich your skin with silver ions and discover Belarusian Maldives at chalk quarries.

The contrast and originality – that’s what makes our country’s culture distinctive and unique. Here the historical heritage is preserved and a new street culture is developing, national ornaments are combined with world fashion trends.

The mild climate, natural beauty products, and the medical personnel in which you have trust have long made Belarus a health resort brand. Treatment in underground salt mines, pure mineral water, fresh moist air and healing muds are the trademark of the most environmentally friendly CIS country.

Where to go

Where worlds colide

Nature at its purest

Europe’s last hidden jewel