When you buy that suit for a very special one-time occasion... do you buy it from a prêt-à-porter chain or you go for a unique tailor-made choice? Then... why should it be any different when we're talking about the most mythical railway journey in the world. At Iron Curtain Tours, we tailor-make your TransSiberian journey.
You get what you want and you pay (only) what you get.
There are multiple railway routes that can connect Moscow to Vladivostok, among which the "real" transsiberian train that does it in 9300Km -the longest train journey on hearth.
What we propose is to use not this connection but a selection of nearly 200 train lines to get to visit the biggest country in the world in a manner embedded deep in the imagination of the child that lives in all of us: by train.
And what better way to do it that on a fully personalized tailor-made tour for your needs?

Cities to stop

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When you buy that suit for a very special one-time occasion... do you buy it from a prêt-à-porter chain, or you go for a unique tailor-made choice? Then... why should it be any different when we're talking about the most mythical railway journey in the world. At Iron Curtain Tours, we tailor-make your Transsiberian journey. You get what you want, and you pay (only) what you get.

How does it work?

You start by choosing the start and finish cities, and the time frame for your journey. From here you choose where to stop along the way, how many nights you want to stay in each city. Decide if you want the private basic walking city-visit.

How much it costs?

The price is calculated by three factors: how many kilometres per person, how many hotel rooms per night in a city, how many walking city-visits.

Will I have to share a compartment with strangers?

Shall you wish to have a compartment reserved for you or your group then the remainder berths will be assigned to an «imaginary friend» (unfortunately, imaginary friends have charged per the kilometre as well as they occupy a berth).

We are 2 couples traveling. It's ok to share a compartment in the train but… is it possible to have separated hotel rooms?

Of course. In this case there for each city slept in a hotel two rooms will be charged. You pay what you get, remember?

So… this means that we pay the same price for the walking visits regardless of the size of the group?

Of course. Walking city-visits are private (i.e. just for your small group). The cost will be per service. Due to constraints on the side of our providers group size is limited to 8 people.

Can I stop in any city I wish?

Yes, you can stop in any of the train stations along the multiple routes available. Nonetheless the offer for fixed price in both hotels and city-visits is only valid for the 10 cities highlighted in the map. For the remaining stops those two services will be priced individually.

So… we are two couples, sharing train compartment but having separated rooms, stopping in 7 cities for one night in each place, and always taking the walking-visit. How much will we pay?

The price will be 9300Km x 4 people x 0,12€ (4 464€); plus 7 nights x 2 rooms x 240€ (3 360€); plus 7 walking visits x 150€ (1 050€). This will total 8 874€, or 2 218,50€ per person. Did we mention the price is for 5-star hotels? Your best two-week vacation ever...


Iron Curtain Tours – ICT engages in planning for its clients a journey around the theme of the Transsiberian Railway. Whilst the “genuine” Transsiberian is considered to be the journey between Moscow and Vladivostok performed by the Russian Railways lines 001 and 100, eastbound, and 002 and 099, westbound, and given the vastness of the Russian territory, ICT proposes you is a set of alternative connections between those two cities, on the mentioned train lines or others circulating in the same set of connections. Therefore, the expression Transsiberian Railway will apply to the ensemble of those possible routes, as presented in the map in this leaflet, and available train lines along those routes. The client may opt to restrict its journey to just a part of the routes available not connecting both ends of the mythical railway.
A journey along the Transsiberian Railway implies a complex and sensitive organisation balancing departure and arrival times of trains, hotels and city or attraction visits along the way. Given the fully customizable nature of our Transsiberian Journey some of the services, like for example 5 stars hotels, may not be available in some of the cities at the time of the client's journey.
For the train displacements ICT will reserve 2nd class places – as a note: 1st class is not commonly available beyond the Moscow region. A second-class compartment has 4 berths for the same number of possible passengers. At the client's request ICT will reserve extra berths to guarantee the privacy to groups of travellers small than 4 people. These berths are considered, for the effect of the train displacement, as an extra passenger and full price will apply.
ICT engages into creating a draft plan (hereafter draft) the its client's journey. This draft contemplates the nights spent either “on the move” or at hotels in the cities of stop. The draft includes precise dates for the journey. A final price (hereafter price) will be included in the draft. This price takes into consideration 3 factors: (1) number of kilometres traveled multiplied by the number of berths reserved; (2) number of nights in hotel multiplied by the quantity of rooms and by the hotel level factor (3, 4 or 5 stars); and (3) the number of city walking visits. The proposed dates and draft are open to changes upon the client's request. ICT engages to propose, or attend the client's requests for, additional visits and services. These visits and services will be priced individually, included on the draft and reflected on the price.
The acceptance of the draft is confirmed by an advance payment (hereafter advance). The value of this payment corresponds to 15% of the price announced in the draft, on a minimum of € 500.00. Once the payment has been confirmed by ICT a detailed journey plan with train line numbers and schedules of departure and arrival from and to each city, and hotel names is sent to the client. The value corresponding to the advance is not reimbursable in case of cancellation, regardless of the circumstances that lead to this cancellation. Given the constraints above-mentioned related to a fully customized journey the draft must be accepted up to 100 days before the agreed date for the beginning of the journey (hereafter departure). The detailed journey plan can be subject to small adjustments. Substantial changes will incur on the need for a new draft. No changes are possible within less than 100 days before departure.
The payment of 50% of the price of the detailed journey plan is due 90 days before departure. The remainder of the value is due 45 days before departure. Failure to comply with the payment calendar is reason for unilateral cancellation from the side of ICT with automatic and immediate refunding of the sum paid beyond the value of the advance.


Yes... Tailor-made, we said... Pay what you get, we said...
There are multiple railway routes you can take between Moscow and Vladivostok. The shortest rout is roughly 9200Km, and the longest is roughly the size of your imagination and desire to travel. This is why we, at Iron Curtain Tours, base our transsiberian price on cost per unit of consumption.

Each Km traveled will cost you 0,12€ per person (this included the above mentioned extra berths to guarantee a cabin just for yourself).
Each hotel room will you cost 45€ per hotel star. This means a 3-star hotel will cost 135€, a 4-star hotel costs 180€, and 225€ for a 5-star hotel. The price is per room, including breakfast and regardless of being occupied by one or two people.
Each city visit will cost you 150€. Those are walking city visits (recurring to public transport in case of rough weather conditions or on the need to cover bigger distances). The price is per group of up to 8 people.