Belarusian Polesia

The historic region of Polesia stretches along the Belarus-Ukraine border, all the way from Poland to Russia.
This tour starts and finishes in Minsk, to allow the usage of the visa-free program for those entering and exiting via Minsk international airport, and takes you on 1300Km railway journey through Gomel, Pinsk and Brest, starting and finishing in the always marvelous city of Minsk.
The main goal of this tour is to get you in touch with the nature aspect of Belarus. And do this by languidly steaming through it on a train.
The secondary goal, transversal to all out tours, is to get you as much in touch as possible with the "real" country. Our belief is that it serves of little to keep on visiting new countries if the you sleep in some international hotel network, go to eat at some local branch of a fast food chain and shop for souvenirs "Made in China". To do this we look for the exquisite hotel and try to point out "eat local" restaurants.
Apart from the premium tour, hotels are selected with the focus of being as close as possible to the train station, keeping a minimum of comfort in mind and allowing you to experience how locals stay when travelling on a not so affluent budget - just mingling with common people.

Through marshes and forests


Arrival at Minsk — Check-in at hotel

Day 1 — Minsk

Walking tour of Minsk — Visit to Strana Mini Museum — Sleeper train to Gomel

Day 2 — Gomel

Arrival in Gomel — Walking tour of Gomel — Free time for lunch — Museums — Train to Hoiniki — Check-in at hotel

Day 3 — PSRER

Visit to Polesia State Radiocological Reserve — Liquidator’s museum in Bragin — Return to Hoiniki

Day 4 — Pinsk

Train to Pinsk (“capital” of Polesia) — Check-in at hotel — River cruise on the Pripyat

Day 5 — Brest

Free time — Train to Brest — Check-in at hotel

Day 6 — Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Visit to Belovezhskaya Pushcha (Forest)

Day 7 — Brest

Brest fortress and city tour — Evening train to Minsk – Check-in at hotel

Day Z — Departure





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  • Detailed program
  • Visits suggestions


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  • Support 24h
  • Tour like a local
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For prices for other than individual travelers or groups of different sizes please drop us a line.

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Although at Iron Curtain Tours we try to keep a close eye on the train schedules for our circuits, these may change or be bound to seasonal time-frames. It is possible that the circuit suffers some minor changes, and that those changes affect the final price. Nonetheless, and shall there be any changes, Iron Curtain Tours will let you know of the final schedule and prices before collecting any payment from you.

All the accommodations in the circuit's plan are either on twin room, when in hotels, or 4-berth compartment, when sleeper train. Other arrangements can be agreed upon request. Changes to accommodation conditions may incur on a price revision.

Passport, visas and other requirements

Despite our efforts to have updated information on passport, visas and other requirements to entrer the several countries proposed in our circuits, it can happen that our information may not be up to date and/or correct.
We strongly advise you to consult with the official representation closest to your home of the specific country you wish to visit.

Your passport must be valid for 6 months after the end of the circuit. It must contain two blank pages for Belarus entry/exit stamps.

Citizens of all European Union countries are allowed to visit Belarus visa-free fro up to 30 days. For the visa-free regime to apply entry and exit of the country must be done via Minsk International Airport (MSQ).

A medical insurance covering Belarus, and esplicity mentioning it, for a value of at least 10.000€ for medical and 10.000€ for repatriation expenses is required to obtain a visa to Belarus.