Belorussian Polesia

Through forests and marshes


The historic region of Polesie stretches along the Belarus-Ukraine border, all the way from Poland to Russia.
This tour starts and finishes in Minsk, to allow the usage of the visa-free program for those entering and exiting via Minsk international airport, and takes you on 1300Km railway journey through Brest, Pinsk and Gomel.
The main goal of this tour is to get you in touch with the most unique landscapes of Belarus – the marshes. And do this by languidly steaming through it on a train.
The secondary goal, transversal to all out tours, is to get you as much in touch as possible with the “real” country. Our belief is that it serves of little to keep on visiting new countries if the you sleep in some international hotel network, go to eat at some local branch of a fast food chain and shop for souvenirs “Made in China”. To do this we look for the genuine hotel and try to point out “eat local” restaurants.
Apart from the premium tour, hotels are selected with the focus of being as close as possible to the train station, keeping a minimum of comfort in mind and allowing you to experience how locals stay when travelling on a not so affluent budget – just mingling with common people.

Tour Plan

DAY 1 – Minsk

Arrival in Minsk – Transfer to hotel – Check-in at hotel – Free time

DAY 2 – Brest

 Train ride to Brest (345Km) – Check-in at hotel – Free time

DAY 3 – Belovezhskaya Forest


DAY 4 – Pinsk

Walking tour to Brest Fortress and Brest city center – Free time for lunch (not included) – Train ride to Pinsk (170Km) – Check-in at hotel – Free time

DAY 5 – Pinsk Marshes


DAY 6 – Gomel

Train ride to Gomel (360Km) – Check-in at hotel – Free time

DAY 7 – Gomel


DAY 8 – Minsk

Free time for lunch (not included) – Train ride to Minsk (443Km) – Transfer to hotel – Check-in – Free time

DAY 9 – Minsk

Walking tour in Minsk city center – Free time for lunch

DAY 10 – Minsk


DAY 11 – Departure

Transfer to airport


Europe’s last hidden jewel

The capital of Belarus has 950 years of history and old and new history mixed in its streets. Authentic corners are hidden in soviet architecture as the city center once totally remodeled Stalin’s Socialist Classicism.
Walking down Minsk’s avenues you will feel the spirit of the City of Sun. Today it’s dynamic, modern and clean place which has much to offer for tourists. You will see the most authentic, famous and hidden places of the city, which will allow you to feel the spirit of the neighborhood.

Where worlds colide

Between Belavezhskaya Puscha and Brest Fortress, on the border with Poland, stands Brest, a city with a rich and complicated history, noisy bars and charming characters like the man who lights lanterns on Savietskaya Street every night. You can always find something new in Brest, and we’ll tell you how to spend some quality time in the city on the river Bug.

Capital of Polesia

Some people may be ashamed of their provincial origin, but not the inhabitants of Pinsk. “I’m from Pinsk” sounds proudly, and you immediately begin to feel respect for the resident from the capital of Polesie. The Jesuit College in the pedestrian Lenin street, the old children’s cinema has returned to his role of cathedral, and in place of the brothel there’s now a chess club. Pinsk does not try to please anyone, does not boast its history, is beautiful in its naturalness: magical, self-confident and kosher.

Monument to architecture

Gomel is a city to relax. Walk along beautiful Savieckaja Street with interesting architecture. In winter join locals in sledging in the park and in summer cross the longest bridge in Belarus and bag some rays on the beach. There are lots of cozy parks, small fountains and peaceful corners. Right there, across the border, there’s Ukraine.


Prices have been calcualted for the package described above for a group of 2 people.
Different group sizes, as well as solo travelers, with different accomodation arrangements are possible.
Price does not include flights, mandatory travel insurance or visa fees where applicable.
Meals, entry tickets or other fees related to the stay or visits are included in the price only if stated so in the price plan chosen bellow or in the Tour Details.
Unless otherwise stated the hotel rooms are double or twin. Breakfast is always included.


per person

  • Minsk – 40 Years Hotel
  • Brest – Bug Hotel (3*)
  • Pinsk – Guesthouse Aelita
  • Gomel – Paradise Hotel (3*)
  • Train travel in 2nd class
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per person

  • Minsk – Gubernsky Hotel (4*)
  • Brest – Hermitage Hotel (4*)
  • Pinsk – Guesthouse Aelita, suite
  • Gomel – Zamkovyj Park-Hotel (4*), suite
  • Transfers from/to airport and trains
  • Train travel in 1st class where available
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