Alternative Chernobyl

Little over 3 decades ago, April 26 1986, the world witness unfold what was, at the time, the biggest man made disaster: the explosion of Reactor 4 of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. On the next day the city of Pripyat and, later, an area with 30Km radius is evacuated thus creating what is probably the biggest de-humanized area in the world.

Following the success of HBO's mini series and with Ukrainian Exclusion Zone known for most of Chernobyl-themed travelers, Iron Curtain Tours proposes you the Alternative Chernobyl Circuit: a visit to the series' shooting locations in Lithuania, to the unknown Belarus Exclusion Area and the last planned city of Soviet Union - Slavutych, planned and built in two years to host ChNPP workers.

Following Iron Curtain Tours' passion, this circuit is perform, as much as possible, by train, with a total of 1162Km on tracks.
Day 1 (tue) — Vilnius

Arrival in Vilnius — Train to Visaginas (125Km) — Check-in at hotel

Day 2 (wed) — Visaginas

Visit to Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant — Visit to Control  Room simulator — Free time to explore Visaginas

Day 3 (thu) — Minsk

Train to Minsk (328Km) — Check-in at hotel

Day 4 (fri) — Minsk

City visit to Minsk — Sleeper train to Hoiniki (483Km)

Day 5 (sat) — PSRER

Visit to PSRER — Transfer to Iolscha train station — Train to Slavutych (17Km) — Check-in hotel

Day 6 (sun) — Slavutych

Visit to Slavutych — Train to Kyiv — End of circuit


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For prices for other than individual travelers or groups of different sizes please drop us a line.


Although at Iron Curtain Tours we try to keep a close eye on the train schedules for our circuits, these may change or be bound to seasonal time-frames. It is possible that the circuit suffers some minor changes, and that those changes affect the final price. Nonetheless, and shall there be any changes, Iron Curtain Tours will let you know of the final schedule and prices before collecting any payment from you.

All the accommodations in the circuit's plan are either on twin room, when in hotels, or 4-berth compartment, when sleeper train. Other arrangements can be agreed upon request. Changes to accommodation conditions may incur on a price revision.

Passport, visas and other requirements

Despite our efforts to have updated information on passport, visas and other requirements to entrer the several countries proposed in our circuits, it can happen that our information may not be up to date and/or correct.
We strongly advise you to consult with the official representation closest to your home of the specific country you wish to visit.

Your passport must be valid for 6 months after the end of the circuit. It must contain two blank pages for Belarus visa (see bellow) and, at least, one other page for entry/exit stamps of Ukraine.

Entry to Belarus requires “old style” visa. You can obtain it at a Belarus consulate near you or contact us for support on obtaining the visa at Vilnius consulate of Belarus (we do not guarantee that a visa will be issued – that remains entirely to Belarus consular services).

A medical insurance covering Belarus, and esplicity mentioning it, for a value of at least 10.000€ for medical and 10.000€ for repatriation expenses is required to obtain a visa to Belarus.