Greatest adventures are by train

Train travel was the first really comfortable way to cover big distances by land. Although its better days are behind us, mostly because airplanes now connect even the most remote places on hearth, train travel is yet to deliver its swan song. The pleasure to “steam” across the landscape, cutting through villages and towns, meeting the locals and arriving right in the heart of the city is something not possible when travelling by plane

What we, at Iron Curtain Tours, propose is to revive train journeys as a form of immersion tourism. Be it the mythical Transsiberian or the unique Chernobyl workers’ train.

Belarusian Polesia

Through marshes and forests

The historic region of Polesia stretches along the Belarus-Ukraine border, all the way from Poland to Russia.
Starting and finishing in Minsk, to allow the usage of the visa-free program for those entering and exiting via Minsk international airport, and visiting also the cities of Gomel, Pinsk and Brest, this circuit will take you on 1300Km railway journey during which you will visit the Polesia State Radioecological Reserve and the Bialowieza Forest.
This circuit will allow you to get in touch with the most unique landscapes of Belarus – the marshes. And do this by languidly steaming through it on a train.

The Baltics

Project Name

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“Pimp your ride”

All our packages are fully customizable. This means train rides can range from third class sleeping cars to a mixture of Luxury class with top level hotels, or even a completely different route serving your desire to roam the vast East.
Feel free to contact us for your own personalized journey